The best Golf Push Buggy for under $200 that the Australia has ever seen!

When someone says to you, “I’ve found a Golf Push Buggy for under $200”, the first question that usually follows is “What second hand buggy from Ebay is it this time?”. You instantly think and almost know that it could be second hand.

With the price of Golf Equipment on the rise across Australia, it’s more important than ever to all Golfers that they are getting their money’s worth. Especially with it comes to Golf Push Buggies.

Well thankfully, Incontro Sports by Caddytek INC USA has delivered Australian’s possibly the Golfing bargain of the century. A brand new Golf Push Buggy that has all the bells and whistles.

The all New 11.5 V3 Push Buggy by Incontro Sports has it all. Literally – all the accessories you could possibly want on the Golf Course from a Golf Buggy all for under $200. What a deal!

So what do I get for my $200 you might ask? Well here it is;

To begin with, the 11.5 V3 Push Buggy is one of the lightest Golf Push Buggies you can buy. Just weighing in at just 5.9kg’s, it was designed by Caddytek INC USA to be light enough for any Golfer to push on the course, and lift in and out of the car.

In addition, it also is nice and compact. Folding down to a size of just 85 cm x 41 cm x 46 cm. So it can fit into all those little nooks and cranny’s inside, or in the car.

Then there’s the included accessories as well. Yes… that’s right, Included Accessories! You don’t have to pay a cent extra for mountain of accessories to help you make life easier on the course. These include;

  • Umbrella Holder
  • Score Card Holder
  • Pencil Holder
  • Drink Holder
  • Top Handle Storage Net
  • Golf Tee Holders
  • Park Brake
  • Sand Bucket Holder Hook
  • Large Rear Mounted Carry Bag
  • & MORE

To tell the truth, we haven’t seen many other Golf Buggies with such benefits for under $200 over time. So whilst stocks last, this is a great buy for any Golfer.

So, how do you get your hands on the 11.5 V3 Push Buggy by Incontro Sports designed by Caddytek INC USA?

Easy – head to their website today –

Alternatively, contact the Incontro Sports Australian Distributor – Australian Golf Equipment on 03 5924 6056.