How the Incontro Sports EZ V8 improved my Golf Game

As Golfers, we are always looking for ways to improve our Golf Game. Often doing whatever it takes. This could mean many interesting & unusual things, often opening an can of worms for Golfers. 

Some of those methods are so unorthodox, that Golfers turn heads like Meerkats & then an unbelievable gravitation towards this tip suddenly transpires. But all of these tips have one thing in common, they all contain swinging a Golf Club.

What if we told you that this tip, didn’t even involve swinging a golf club? Well, what could it be then you ask? In Short – A Golf Buggy. Not just any Golf Buggy though, the Incontro Sports EZ Version 8 Designed by Caddytek INC USA.

To most people, a Golf Push Buggy, is just…well… a Golf Push Buggy. In their view – it’s something that you strap your golf clubs to that you lug around during the round. Well, the EZ Version 8 Push Buggy by Incontro Sports USA redefines the whole meaning all together.

Instead of Looking at the Golf Buggy as just a piece of equipment, instead look at it as a tool to improve your Golf Game all together.

Unlike other Golf Push buggies, the EZ Version 8 wants to work with you. Its light weight and wide wheel track provides an unmatched sturdiness around the Golf Course that’s easy to push, and is very robust. And for Golf in Australian Conditions, that means you’ll save more energy during the round & focus more on each & every shot.

On its own, that is arguably the strongest attribute to consider when buying a Golf Push Buggy. Only just behind the number one checkbox – It’s size. Is it small and compact enough to fit in my car?

With its compact design, it folds down a size of 78 cm x 43 cm x 36 cm, and that’s small enough to fit in literally any car boot. It also fits with a set of Golf Clubs in most small hatchbacks with ease.  So the main important purchase points and ticked off with ease. But wait that’s not all… there’s more.

With every EZ Version 8 Push Buggy by Incontro Sports & Caddytek INC USA, all of the accessories you usually pay extra for, are included for free – Giddy Up!

These are the accessories that really make a Golf Buggy become a tool to help you improve your game. These include the following;

A Smart Phone Holder
providing easy access to your Golf Aps including My Score

An Umbrella Holder + Umbrella Holder Storage Clip
Gives the ability to keep your equipment nice & have a shady spot on a hot day

Drink Bottle Holder
Keeps your drink close by ensuring you keep on top of staying hydrated

Large Rear Cooler Bag
An insulated pocket to keep food or drinks nice and cool

An abundance of Storage Compartments
So you can keep all of your important belongings you need each round at a hands reach.

Overall, the EZ Version 8 Push Buggy by Incontro Sports – Designed by Caddytek INC USA is not just a Golf Push Buggy, it’s a tool that helps you on a pathway to help you not only enjoy your Golf More, but also play better as well.

So if you want to get your hands on the latest tool to improve your Golf Game, head to the Incontro Sports Website today – or contact the distributor Australian Golf Equipment today – 03 5924 6065.